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Emotion Code Practitioner & Life Coach

I help women to release negative trapped emotions that contribute to their fears, anxiety, chronic pain, weight issues, food cravings, menopause issues and more

Since beginning this program with Cora I have found that my attitude towards food and weight loss has changed. I feel much more in control of what and when I eat. Being able to remove some trigger foods for myself has made a big difference. I no longer crave potatoes of any sort. Carbs have always been my downfall, whether it be potatoes, breads, sweets etc. Just removing the emotion connected with potatoes I also removed the craving for carbs.

Tammy S

Cora Naylor is an Emotion Code Practitioner and Life Coach…

…who’s found her true passion in helping women like you release negative emotions to find new meaning and purpose in your life.

As a mother and entrepreneur, she’s been in your shoes, feeling unworthy and unsure about the way forward. Using The Emotion Code, she was able to find new intention and a clear direction to creating a business that helps women like you find YOUR passion.

Ways You Can Work With Me

1:1 Session

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Group Program

Be part of a small group of action-taking women to release your negative emotions that affect your beliefs around food, your self-image, food cravings and more in a 4-week program

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I’ve tried every type of diet including HCG. I just can’t believe how attached our body is to emotions and I’m shocked because I’m so skeptical of things and this blew my mind on different levels. Especially the craving for potato chips. I have not even wanted potato chips at all or even thought of them. They don’t even appeal to me at all – which is shocking to me.

Tammy E

Cora has helped me immensely. She got me back to sleeping in my bed which this was very tough for me after my husband passed away.

Since taking Cora’s weight program my eating habits have changed dramatically. I am eating more vegetables than before and eating vegetables I would never eat before. 

Bridget L