Now is your time

Life Coach for Empty Nesters…

helping women to redefine

their identity after the

kids have grown.

I was looking around in the dark not able to see what was right in front of me. Then it was like the light was switched on! Thanks, Cora!


Cora Naylor is a Co-Active Coach…

…who’s found her true passion in helping women like you find new meaning and purpose in your life after your kids are grown.

As a mother of identical twin boys, she relates to you because she’s been in your shoes and found a way to go from that feeling of loss of identity and purpose to creating a business that helps women like you find your passion.

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Cora is a very patient coach and a great listener. She was able to guide when guidance was needed, and step back when I needed to figure things out on my own. She also showed me how to focus by making me accountable. 


Cora offered me a safe space to talk through what was going on in my life. We always started with a specific question or topic and Cora would ask guided questions from there to explore the matter more.