Hey, I’m Cora!

Most of my adult life I have been trying to figure out “what do I want to do when I grow up?”

My story…

Before kids and while raising my family I worked at a number of different occupations and businesses.  I did a lot of admin & customer service type work and also worked with a number of direct sales/network marketing companies which started me on my personal development journey. I’ve always been a positive person and love to look at the possibilities!

Later when my twin boys moved out. I wasn’t prepared for the emptiness that I felt inside. In fact it took awhile before I even realized what was going on with me (on top of the hormonal stuff)!  I didn’t really know what I should be doing or not doing and it took some searching to get myself back on track.

Even though my life was good and I knew my boys were capable of being on their own – I still felt like something was missing inside of me. I had lost part of my identity. After releasing a lot of emotional baggage and doing some work with a coach I found my inner well being.

This awareness made me realize that other Empty Nesters out there are going through the same thing. So I want to help other women find their renewed identity and purpose after the kids are grown.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner


Cora is a life-long learner – continually educating herself in many areas of life both personal discovery and business. She has experience in the corporate world as well as in the direct sales field.  Cora uses her life experience, coaching tools, Emotion Code and amazing problem-solving skills to help you rediscover yourself after your kids are grown. You may be looking for something new to focus on, starting something new or not sure where to start and Cora will help you discover something exactly right for you.

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How will life look for you after the kids move on? What is your purpose?

There are so many possibilities out there. Come and join the group along with other Empty Nesters to talk, support and find your purpose on the next stage of your life.

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