Got An

 Empty Nest?

Tired of feeling sad, lonely or heartbroken now that the kids are gone?

Now Is Your Time!

Your kids are grown, time for YOU to soar!

You’re feeling sad and empty inside – even though you’re excited for your kids to be independent?

You’re not sure how to fill the day without the kids around?

You’ve got big dreams or forgotten how to dream?

You’re not sure where your passions are?


You want to explore new places

Meet interesting people

Start or grow your business

Find hobbies that ignite joy

Or maybe you aren’t even sure what you want? or how to get started?

Does that sound familiar?

Life Should Feel Good –

But something is off

You’ve got a good life.  You’ve done your best to raise your kids. You are excited about what’s ahead for your kids – but inside you just don’t feel the zest for life you used to. 

You put on a good face on the outside – but inside you’re feeling an emptiness and you can’t find the “spark” you used to have.

You keep going day to day – each day hoping that you’ll feel more like your “normal” self when you wake up in the morning – but it just isn’t happening.

You’re going through the motions of the day but not really feeling anything.

You know this should be a new beginning for you – but you’re not sure how to get started.

Now is time to

“Discover You”

Make “You” a Priority

Are you ready to redefine you?

Ready to ignite your inner spark?

Want to feel excited about what’s next?

Discover who you are now?

Who you want to be and what you want to do?

Does this sound like you?
Click the button and let’s get started!

Don’t Take My Word For It

Check out What Others are Saying

Cora with her insightfulness and ability to ask the right questions, helped me to see the different possibilities with a career transition and my life in general. With her calm demeanour and helpful ideas, she gave me the courage and the tools to figure out what I wanted and how to make it happen. I was looking around in the dark not able to see what was right in front of me. Then it was like the light was switched on!

Nancy R

My kids were getting older I was realizing I had only worked and been with them for many years and no longer really knew who I was or what I really enjoyed doing or how I wanted the rest of my life to look personally. I worked with Cora and she very lovingly and kindly directed me to help me to rediscover who I am, what matters to me and how I want to live. Her support, knowledge and compassion were huge to helping me make changes in my life and she helped me stay focused when I wanted to stop. Today, I am more happy with my life than I have been in years. I have friends who I enjoy spending time with and I a being a more authentic me than I have been for years and I credit a lot of that to my work with Cora

Sherri-Lee W

I started working with Cora at a time in my life where there was a lot of change going on. I had just moved to Canada from the UK and I had just started up my freelancing business on a full-time basis, after working as a paramedic for the last 20 years.

 I had thought my business would mainly be a photography business with copywriting in a supporting position but, after working with Cora, I discovered that, actually, I wanted copywriting to be the main focus of my business. It was both a surprise and a joy to make this little discovery and I fully credit Cora with helping me to figure that out. Cora is a very patient coach and a great listener. She was able to guide when guidance was needed, and step back when I needed to figure things out on my own. 
Sarah W

Why me?

I’ve been in your shoes!

I am a wife, a mother to identical twin boys, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach & Emotion Code Practitioner, a Network Marketing Professional, and personal development junkie.
When my boys grew up and left home – I was excited for them and what would come next. However, I wasn’t prepared for the empty feelings I had inside of myself. I didn’t feel like myself anymore and could not shake the feeling (this was different than the hormonal stuff!). My “spark” was gone. 
It took a some time for me to finally turn the corner and find my way again. My personal development work and working with an Emotion Code Practitioner helped release a lot of emotional baggage that was not serving me. Then my Coach encouraged me to take an introductory coaching course. That taste of coaching led me to becoming certified so I could support other women.
I found that the feelings women go through as an Empty Nester are not always talked about. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working outside the home. You can still have these feelings of emptiness and loss. I made a decision to specialize in helping other women Empty Nesters get through this time – a lot quicker than I did!

How “Discover You” Works

Personalized Exclusively for YOU!

Wheel of Life
Evaluate where you are now and where you want to be so you can radiate with happiness every day
The Emotion Code

Release the sad and empty feelings you’ve got inside so you can reclaim your joy & energy 

Life Statement & Values

Create your personal life statement & values so you can unleash your assured and amazing potential

1:1 Coaching Calls

Weekly calls focused soley on YOU as you reclaim yourself and your desired lifestyle

Unlimited Email Support

Feel confident in knowing you are fully supported as you make positive changes to get the results YOU desire

Now Is Time For You

To Spread Your Wings!


Focus on You so you glow with joy every single day


Release your “emotional baggage” so you  radiate with unstoppable confidence & happinesss


Discover what lights You up so you can feel connected with family, friends and everyone you meet

Risk-Free Guarantee

I am SO confident in the results you will get that I will remove all the risk for you!

If after our first month you have been participating fully in the coaching process but don’t feel it is a fit for you, I will happily issue you a refund.

I only work with those that are motivated to create incredible results in their life and if “Discover You” doesn’t feel like this will do that for you, then I will wish you well as you find something that is a better fit for you.


How long do we work together?

The options available are for 3 or 6 months.  Once we have talked you can decide which options works best for your needs.

How do the sessions take place?

The sessions are conducted via phone or video call every week or two depending on what you prefer.

Do I get support other than the scheduled calls?

Yes.  I offer email support between calls or possibly text support depending on which program you sign up for.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are an option that we can discuss on our initial call. 

Time For You!

Time for YOU to be the priority

Time for YOU to get what you want

Time to imagine what’s possible

(I commit to supporting you all the way!)

Don’t delay any longer

CLICK the button to book your free call!

PS – You Are Worth It!